OneClickSub is a free service used to automate the process of downloading and preparing subtitles to be used while watching movies, TV series and etc. Our system is designed to provide users a simple interface which requires only 3 steps to have their subtitle ready.

Step 1: OneClickSub requires the name of your video file. If you usually download movies from online sources, you already know that it is very common to store important information such as movie title, series name, season number, episode number, quality and encoder in the file name. OneClickSub exploits this information and extracts useful data in order to select the best matching subtitle. You can copy the file name by selecting it on your computer and pressing F2 (Rename) followed by CTRL+C (Copy). Then simply come to our site and CTRL+V (Paste) it in the first field.

Step 2: OneClickSub offers subtitles in different languages. Just select your preferred subtitle language from drop down menu. Our system tries to automatically select a language based on your location however you are free to choose another one using the search box.

Step 3: Hit Download Now! button and OneClickSub will prepare your download in less than 5 seconds. If our system could not provide the requested subtitle it will ask you to come back later as the translators upload new subtitles everyday.

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